What to tweet on Twitter

Not knowing what to tweet or how to reach out to audiences on Twitter is a predicament many firms face.

Twitter is a real-time social media channel that receives roughly 3.5 billion tweets every week. With so many users tweeting, retweeting and liking posts, it can be intimidating for firms to know what they should tweet and how they can drive social media engagement on the platform.

Since the last thing accountants want to do is to bore their followers with the same-old tweets or retweets, it is essential to have some ideas before you start posting. Twitter accounts that think out their Tweets tend to do better at engaging their audience.

Here are seven ideas your firm can use to compose the perfect tweet:

Ask questions
One of the best ways to get others engaging with your firm is to ask questions. It is easy to think up some questions since there is no real limit to what you want to ask. Some questions accountants might ask followers include:

  • What service they like the most
  • What could be done to make firm services better
  • Trivia questions about the firm

Industry news
Industry news can provide an excellent opportunity for firms to discuss changes in the industry with followers. Remember to steer away from subjects that might be too controversial.

Positive firm news
It is always a good idea to share positive news about your firm whenever possible. This gets the word out to clients that your firm is successful and appreciative of what you’ve achieved.

Employee recognition
Using employee recognition tweets can get your firm’s staff engaged on Twitter, allowing followers and clients to go “behind the curtains” to have a look at who makes your firm what it is today.

Favourite Twitter accounts
Sharing some of your firm’s favourite Twitter accounts is an excellent way to humanise your social media presence so you don’t come across as robotic when you Tweet. Just be sure you don’t share too much and go too far off your firm’s identity.

How-to’s and blog content
How-to and blog content continues to engage audiences on the Internet. And since the majority of a firm’s audience won’t see their blog posts right away, firms shouldn’t be shy about sharing these new blog posts on their Twitter account.

If your firm is truly out of ideas on what to Tweet, try finding a quote that closely represents the values of your firm. People enjoy reading quotes and sharing content that people like can spark conversations for your firm Twitter. Always remember to give credit to the author of the quote whenever you use one.

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