What your website needs to increase traffic and sales

It can be hard for accountants with little or no web experience to know if they have everything they need on their website for it to truly be successful.

A truly successful website is one that gets continual traffic, can grab visitors’ attention and convert visits to sales. Here are some features accounting firms need on their website to attract more traffic and bridge the gaps to achieve some returns from their online presence.

A mobile version
With the majority of people now accessing the internet on mobile devices than personal computers, firms need to ensure their clients’ mobile visits to the website are seamless. Google has expanded its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal providing another reason for firms to ensure they have a mobile version of their site.

A fast loading time
Slow websites often result in potential clients leaving before they get to have a good look around. Many free sites provide the opportunity for accountants to test their website’s speed. If you discover an issue, find out what needs to be fixed and fix it.

An email signup form
Not having an email signup form means new visitors arriving to a firm’s website means the firm isn’t able to collect their email addresses to engage them with promotions, announcements or newsletters. Firms can easily embed a signup form on their website to collect email addresses and additional details from your customers.

Social media icons on the website
If your firm is having a hard time building your social media following, make it easy for clients to follow you by adding social media buttons and icons to your website. Having easy-to-spot social icons on your website may result in an increase in followers, likes or retweets.

A phone number and physical address
Firms should post their physical address and contact number on their Contact Us page or at the bottom of their homepage. Most people feel more comfortable if there’s a phone number they can call with questions or concerns.

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