Why clients change accounting firms

Clients rarely change accounting firms because of a major problem; rather it is more often a gradual build up of small irritations such as:

  • Missing deadlines
  • Not returning calls on time
  • Being late for meetings
  • Frequent staff changes
  • Inaccurate or excessive billing
  • Showing little understanding of the client’s business
  • Not communicating well with the client

Remember, clients rarely let you know of their dissatisfaction until it is too late – and even then they will probably not be straight with you. Firms need to monitor their client relations, and check regularly to see if they are inadvertently contributing to a build up of ill will.

Firms who do lose clients should attempt to conduct an exit interview to learn from their mistakes and then take steps to prevent them from recurring. And always remember to keep in contact with lost clients as you might just win them back.

Providing first class client service is fundamental to marketing professional services. In the accounting profession this means adding value to your client’s business.

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