Why firms should be blogging

Blogging is one of the most cost-effective strategies used to promote a firm’s online identity.

It gives firms the potential to reach audiences on a larger scale, increase brand awareness and promote traffic to their website.

However, managing a successful blog requires time, commitment and dedication from a firm. So before a firm commits to a blog, it’s worth considering some of the associated pros and cons first.

Increase online visibility
Every time a firm writes a blog post, they add one more indexed page to their website, which is an indication to search engines that the website is active. Every new indexed page is an opportunity for firms to increase their website’s visibility in search engine results, which can drive traffic to their website.

Build trust
Firms that consistently post expert content that is relevant and helpful to their target audience build trust with audiences and establish themselves as an authoritative source of information. These kinds of blogs may then turn become a ‘go-to’ resource for audiences, which can lead to higher client conversion rates.

Brand awareness
Blogs can increase brand awareness and recognition. They can also show a personal side of the firm that prospective and current clients won’t usually see through standard marketing techniques.

Regular updates
Good blogs are regularly updated with fresh and relevant content. This may be hard for firms with little time or insufficient content to post.

Look professional
Your blog is a reflection of your firm, so it should look just as professional and authentic as you are. This means taking the time to make sure aspects like the content is of high-quality and that the grammar and spelling is correct.

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