Why get a mobile app

Launching a mobile app for your firm adds another contact point for clients and a marketing channel for new prospects.

Having a firm-branded app in the Apple and Google Play store demonstrates your technical smartness and makes it easy for your clients to download and start using.

Ease of Sending Notifications
Email has been the most widely-used business communication tool, until now. Firms have extensively used email to reach out to their users. As a result, email has lost some of the effectiveness it once had.

Enter mobile app notifications. Push notifications are notifications which users can receive regardless of any activity they are doing on their mobile device. Use notifications to remind clients about important events.

Increased brand presence
Users spend a substantial amount of their time on mobile devices and view the apps installed on their devices almost every day. This routine encounter is an ideal branding opportunity for firms with the mobile app icon acting just like an innovative ad-banner.

Even when users are not actively using a mobile app, they are still reminded of the firm brand associated with the app, the presence of the app can subconsciously influence clients’ perception about a brand.

Mobile device features
Mobile apps have the advantage of utilising features of a mobile device like camera and contact list. Such device features, when used within an app, can make the user experience interactive, interesting and productive.

Apps can utilise native features of mobile devices to enhance user experience. The device features can significantly shorten the time users take to perform a certain task in an app and can even boost conversions.

New Branding Experience
Since a mobile app is distinct from a firm’s website, it offers a new branding experience to users. It means that your firm can experiment with new branding styles for the app, which can be different from the regular brand style of the firm’s website (or the firm altogether).

Going a step further, firms can build mobile apps specifically to transition into a new brand style for themselves.

Apps Can Work Faster
A well-designed mobile app can perform actions much quicker than a mobile website.

Apps usually store their data locally on mobile devices, compared to websites that generally use web servers.

In addition, mobile websites use javascript code to perform most of their functions and the framework that mobile apps use can run almost five times faster than a javascript code.

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