Why use social media?

Social media marketing gives firms a greater potential to reach and engage with their target audiences. It involves using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote a firm’s brand.

Social media is now commonly used as a client relationship management tool by many businesses. Firms with an active social media presence are more likely to maintain relationships with current clients and gain exposure with potential clients through multiple channels.

Where traditional marketing channels such as email or advertisements are primarily a one-way communication, social media opens up a two-way dialogue where firms can actively communicate with their audience (and vice versa).

Research has shown that people are heavily influenced through social media. Engaging with current clients through social media platforms may draw their acquaintances to a firm, which increases the potential for gaining new clients.

The ‘social signals’ gained from posts on social media outlets that link to your website can also give a firm’s SEO ranking a boost on search engines.

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