Why you shouldn’t build an email list purely for the money

It can be hard for accounting firms to create an initiative without a definite ROI purpose behind it, especially if they’re using valuable time resources to do it. However, there are some types of online marketing that, despite not producing a reliable, direct revenue, provide long-term benefits that do outweigh the potential short-term income.

Newsletters can be sent to a firm’s clients on a regular basis. While the frequency will vary from firm to firm depending on content and availability to create newsletters, most newsletters are usually sent once per month.

No matter when they are sent off, newsletters can be a worthwhile endeavor for small accounting firms. Here are some of the benefits of creating an email newsletter mailing list that is not based on the purpose of generating income.

  • Establishes your firm as a leader

Newsletters can help firms build a powerful presence among their clients and target audience. Sending out curated newsletters that are full of links, industry news and insights that aren’t shared on your firm’s public blog can build up the exclusivity of the newsletter.

Newsletters are also a great way to set your firm up as a thought leader in your industry. Writing about top stories and adding in your firm’s personal insight on the developments is helpful because you’re offering advice on how the industry is going to shift with the changes.

  • Grows your subscriber base

A regular high-quality newsletter can also be an excellent way to grow a firm’s subscriber base. Providing a regular newsletter gives a firm’s audience a break from marketing emails to take in something of value.

Promoting the valuable information in the newsletter can also drive more email subscriptions. Firms should market the exclusivity of the newsletter by explaining what information it will contain that subscribers won’t get anywhere else.

  • Promotes your content

Along with sharing insights on industry news, an email newsletter is also a perfect place to share firm content. Firms should find the right mix of external information and internal promotions. And since the firm’s audience will begin to think of the firm as an industry leader, they will soon look forward to reading the firm’s new content.

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